Chocolate Clinic Currated Collection at Local Bake Shop

I'm thrilled to announce begin August 21st I will be currating a Chocolate Clinic space at Sweet Elizabeth's Cakes.  Located on Main Street in Manyunk, Sweet Elizabeth's is a delicious cake shop specializing in custom cakes--and now, small batch, bean-to-bar chocolates! If you are looking for a Chocolate Clinic brick-and-mortar experience I invite you to stop by Sweet Elizabeth's starting August 21st.  I promise to stock her shelves with the most stunning, gorgeous chocolate bars and treats.  Look for a chocolate tasting event to happen in September to kick off the new partnerhship.  Sweet Elizabeth's contact info: 4409 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127  (267) 331-8949



You Deserve Better Chocolate



You love chocolate.  You want--you deserve-- better Chocolate: for your health, for the taste, & for the greater good.  The true taste of chocolate, made with cacao and  and organic sugar, is your right.  If you are passionate, food-conscious, and curious, you have come to the right place.  Like you, The Chocolate Clinic feels just as strongly about chocolate, community, and connection.  The chocolate we sell, the events we participate in and host, the chocolate crafts people we connect you to, all lead to building our global community. Many of the chocolate makers you find here have a direct trade relationship with the cacao farmer from whom they source the most essential ingredient in good chocolate-cacao.  Direct trade means relationships can be formed, which leads to sustainability and fair wages. 

The different types of chocolates you discover here will excite you, expose you to a new experience or satisfy you with chocolate that is familiar and much loved. No matter what brought you to our shop we hope you leave feeling a connection to our community; through better chocolate, I hope you find your cure.  

See you at my next chocolate event or on social media. I am looking forward to meeting you soon!


Kym Silvasy-Neale

Purveyor, The Chocolate Clinic